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2006 Nominees for
Outstanding Creative Achievement

The projects listed below were chosen by the Nominating Panel of the 22nd Annual TEC Awards. Winners are listed in BLUE

Tour Sound Production
(Awards go to FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, and Tour Company.)
Dave Matthews Band
FOH Engineer: Jeff Thomas
Monitor Engineer: Ian Kuhn, Lonnie Quinn
Tour Company: UltraSound/Pro Media, Hercules, CA

Rolling Stones
FOH Engineer: Dave Natale
Monitor Engineers: Mike Adams, J. Summers
Tour Company: Clair Brothers, Lititz, PA, Showco, Dallas, TX

James Taylor
FOH Engineer: David Morgan
Monitor Engineer: Glen Collett
Tour Company: Clair Brothers/Showco, Lititz, PA

Alison Krauss + Union Station, featuring Jerry Douglas
FOH Engineer: Bernie Velluti
Monitor Engineer: Mark Richards
Tour Company: SE Systems, Greensboro, NC

White Stripes
FOH Engineer: Matthew Kettle
Monitor Engineer: Neil Heil
Tour Company: Thunder Audio, Taylor, MI

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast
(Awards go to Remote Engineer, Production Mixer, Music Mixer and Remote Facility.)
Cream, Royal Albert Hall
Remote Engineer: Alan Douglas
Production Mixers: Simon Climie, Ted Hall, David May
Music Mixer: Mick Guzauski
Remote Facility: Sanctuary Mobile, Buckinghamshire, UK

48th Annual Grammy Awards
Production Mixers: Thomas Holmes, Paul Sandweiss
Music Mixers: John Harris, Eric Schilling
Remote Facility: XM Production/Effanel Music, NYC

Ozomatli Live at The Fillmore
Remote Engineer: Phil Edwards
Production Mixer: Robert Carranza
Music Mixer: Robert Carranza
Remote Facility: Phil Edwards Recording, Hayward, CA

Neil Young: Heart of Gold
Remote Engineer: David Hewitt
Production Mixers: Chad Hailey, Chris Newman
Music Mixers: Tom Fleischman, Chad Hailey, Tim Mulligan
Remote Facility: Remote Recording, NYC

Eagles Farewell Tour—Live From Melbourne
Remote Engineers: David Hewitt, Elliot Scheiner
Production Mixer: Sue Pelino
Music Mixer: Elliot Scheiner
Remote Facility: Remote Recording, NYC

Television Sound Production
(Awards go to the Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Production Mixer and Audio Post Facility.)
American Idol, Fox
Supervising Sound Editor: Brian Riordan
Re-recording Mixer: Brian Riordan
Production Mixers: Ed Greene, Paul Sandweiss
Audio Post Facility: Levels Audio Post, Los Angeles

Deadwood, HBO
Supervising Sound Editor: Lawrence H. Mann
Re-recording Mixers: Rusty Smith, William Freesh
Audio Post Facility: Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA

Lost, ABC
Supervising Sound Editors: Tom deGorter, Trevor Jolly
Re-recording Mixers: Frank Morrone, Scott Weber
Production Mixer: David Barr Yaffe, C.A.S.
Audio Post Facility: Buena Vista Sound, Burbank, CA

The West Wing, NBC
Supervising Sound Editor: Walter Newman
Re-recording Mixers: Dan Hilland, Gary Rogers
Production Mixer: Patrick Hanson, C.A.S.
Audio Post Facility: Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA

24, Fox
Supervising Sound Editor: William Dotson
Re-recording Mixers: Michael Olman, C.A.S., Kenneth Kobett, C.A.S.
Production Mixer: Bill Gocke
Audio Post Facilities: Universal Studios, Universal City, CA, Wilshire Editorial, Inc., Burbank, CA

Film Sound Production
(Awards go to the Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer, Production Mixer, Score Mixer and Audio Post Facility.)
King Kong
Supervising Sound Editors: Mike Hopkins, Ethan Van der Ryn
Sound Designers: Brent Burge, David Farmer, David Whitehead
Re-recording Mixers: Michael Hedges, Tom Johnson
Production Mixer: Hammond Peak
Score Mixer: Joel Iwataki, Alan Meyerson
Recording Facilities: 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles; JNH Studios, Santa Monica, CA; O'Henry Sound Studios; Sony Picture Studios, Culver City, CA; Todd-AO CBS/Radford, Studio City, CA; Todd-AO West, Santa Monica, CA
Audio Post Facility: Park Road Post, Wellington, NZ

Star Wars: Episode III —Revenge of the Sith
Supervising Sound Editors: Ben Burtt, Matthew Wood
Sound Designer: Ben Burtt
Re-recording Mixers: Tom Myers, Andy Nelson, Chris Scarabosio
Production Mixer: Paul "Salty" Brincat
Score Mixer: Shawn Murphy
Recording Facility: Abbey Road, London, UK
Audio Post Facility: Skywalker Sound

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Supervising Sound Editors: Richard Beggs, George Watters
Sound Designer: Richard Beggs
Re-recording Mixers: Terry Porter, Dean A. Zupancic
Production Mixers: Tony Johnson, Petr Forejt
Score Mixer: Joel Iwataki
Recording Facility:  Todd-AO CBS/Radford, Studio City, CA
Audio Post Facility: Buena Vista Post-Production Facility, Burbank, CA

Walk the Line

Supervising Sound Editor: Don Sylvester
Sound Designer: Ted Caplan
Re-recording Mixers: Doug Hemphill, Paul Massey
Production Mixer: Peter F. Kurland
Score Mixers: Frank Wolf, Mike Piersante
Recording Facilities: Electromagnetic, Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville, TN; Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA; The Village, West Los Angeles, CA
Audio Post Facility: Fox Studios, Century City, CA

War of the Worlds
Supervising Sound Editor: Richard King
Sound Designer: Richard King
Re-recording Mixers: Anna Behlmer, Andy Nelson
Production Mixer: Ronald Judkins
Score Mixer: Shawn Murphy
Audio Post Facilities: Warner Bros. PPS, Fox Post Production

Studio Design Project
(Awards go to Architect or Studio Designer, Acoustician and Studio Owner)
Firehouse 12 Recording Studio, New Haven, CT
Architects or Studio Designers: Gray Organschi Architects, John Storyk, WSDG
Acoustician: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Studio Owner: Nick Lloyd

Remote Recording Digital Studio, The White Truck, NYC
Architect or Studio Designer: Sam Berkow, SIA Acoustics
Acoustician: Sam Berkow, SIA Acoustics
Studio Owner: Karen Brinton

Right Track/Sound on Sound Studio D1, NYC
Architect or Studio Designer: Lawrence P. Swist Designs
Acoustician: Lawrence P. Swist
Studio Owners: Simon Andrews, David Amlen

Studio at the Palms, Las Vegas, NV
Architect or Studio Designer: Francis Manzella, FM Design
Acoustician: Francis Manzella
Studio Owner: Palms Casino

Timbaland Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
Architect or Studio Designer: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Acoustician: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Studio Owner: Tim Mosley

Surround Sound Production
(Awards go to 5.1 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Producer, Mixing Facility, Mastering Facility.)
Brothers in Arms-20th Anniversary Edition, Dire Straits
5.1 Mixing Engineer: Chuck Ainlay
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Producers: Chuck Ainlay and Mark Knopfler
Mixing Facility: British Grove Studios, London, UK
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

In Your Honor, Foo Fighters
5.1 Mixing Engineer: Elliot Scheiner
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Producer: Foo Fighters, Nick Raskulinecz
Mixing Facilities: Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, Studio 606 West, Northridge, CA
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Brick, Talking Heads
5.1 Mixing Engineer: Eric “E.T.” Thomgren
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Producer: Jerry Harrison
Mixing Facility: Sausalito Sound, Sausalito, CA
Mastering Facility: Sterling Sound New York, NY

Mussorgsky/Stokowski: Pictures at an Exhibition-Boris Godunov-Night on Bare Mountain, José Serebrier & Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
5.1 Mixing Engineer: Phil Rowlands
Mastering Engineer: Phil Rowlands
Producers: Nick Parker and Phil Rowlands
Mixing Facility: Riding House Studio, London, UK
Mastering Facility: Riding House Studio, London, UK

With Teeth, Nine Inch Nails
5.1 Mixing Engineers: James Brown, Trent Reznor
Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan
Producers: Trent Reznor, Alan Moulder
Mixing Facility: Interscope Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Record Production/Single or Track
(Award goes to Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mixing Facility, Producer, Recording Studio, Mastering Engineer and Mastering Facility.)
“Feel Good, Inc,” Demon Days, Gorillaz w/De La Soul, Virgin Records
Recording Engineers: Jason Cox, Danger Mouse, Dring, Gorillaz
Mixing Engineers: Jason Cox, Danger Mouse, Dring, Gorillaz
Producers: Danger Mouse, Gorillaz
Mastering Engineer: Howie Weinberg
Mixing Facility: Pierce Rooms, London
Mastering Facility: Masterdisk, NYC
Recording Studios: Kong Studios, 13

“Gold Digger,” Late Registration, Kanye West, Reprise Records
Recording Engineers: Anthony Kilhoffer, Andrew Dawson, Tom Biller
Mixing Engineer: Mike Dean
Producers: Kanye West, Jon Brion
Mastering Engineer: Vlado Meller
Mixing Facility: Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mastering Facility: Sony Music Studios, NYC
Recording Studios: The Record Plant, Los Angeles, Sony Music Studios, NYC, Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood, Grandmaster Recording Studios, Hollywood

“La Tortura,” Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1, Shakira, Epic Records
Recording Engineers: Rob Jacobs, Kevin Killen
Mixing Engineer: Gustavo Celis
Producer: Shakira
Mastering Engineer: Vlado Meller
Mixing Facility: Supersonic Studios, Miami, FL
Mastering Facility: Sony Music Studios, NYC
Recording Studio: The Warehouse, Vancouver

“Mas Que Nada,” Timeless, Sergio Mendes. Concord Music Group

Recording Engineer: Jason Villaroman
Mixing Engineer: Tony Maserati
Producer: will.i.am
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman
Mixing Facility: Chung King Studios, NYC
Mastering Facility: Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Recording Studio: Mosh Studios, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“We Belong Together,” The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah Carey, Island Records
Recording Engineers: Brian Garten, John Horesco IV
Mixing Engineer: Phil Tan
Producers: Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri
Mastering Engineer: Herb Powers
Mixing Facility: Southside Studios, Atlanta, GA
Mastering Facility: The Hit Factory, NYC
Recording Studio: Right Track Studios, NYC, Southside Studios, Atlanta, GA

Record Production/Album
(Award goes to Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mixing Facility, Producer, Recording Studio, Mastering Engineer and Mastering Facility.)
Morph The Cat, Donald Fagen, Reprise Records
Recording Engineer: Elliot Scheiner, Brian Montgomery, T. J. Doherty
Mixing Engineer: Elliot Scheiner
Producer: Donald Fagen
Mastering Engineer: Darcy Proper
Mixing Facility: Avatar Studios, NYC
Mastering Facility: Sony Mastering, NYC
Recording Studios: Avatar Studios, Clinton Recording Studios, Sear Sound, NYC, Sugar Sound, Kauai, HI

Late Registration, Kanye West, Roc-A-Fella
Recording Engineers: Tom Biller, Andrew Dawson, Anthony Kilhoffer, Richard Reitz, Brian Summer
Mixing Engineers: Craig Bauer, Andrew Dawson, Mike Dean, Manny Marroquin
Producers: Jon Brion, Just Blaze, Devo Springsteen, Kanye West
Mastering Engineer: Vlado Meller
Mixing Facilities: Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood, Sony Music Studios, NYC, Hinge, Chicago
Mastering Facility: Sony Music Studios, NYC
Recording Studios: Sony Music Studios, NYC, Grandmaster Recording Studios, Hollywood, Record Plant, Los Angeles, Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood.

Back Home, Eric Clapton, Reprise Records
Recording Engineer: Alan Douglas
Mixing Engineer: Mick Guzauski
Producers: Eric Clapton, Simon Climie
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mixing Facility: Barking Dog Studios
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering
Recording Studios: Olympic Studios, London, UK, Record One, Sherman Oaks, CA, Avatar Studios, NYC

Good Night and Good Luck soundtrack, Dianne Reeves, Concord Records
Recording Engineers: Edward Tise, Leslie Ann Jones
Mixing Engineers: Leslie Ann Jones, Charlie Paakkari
Producer: Allen J. Sviridoff
Mastering Engineer: Ron McMaster
Mixing Facility: Capitol Studios-Studio C, Hollywood, CA
Mastering Facility: Capitol Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Recording Studios: CBS Studio Center Stage, Studio City, CA, Capitol Studios-Studio A, Hollywood, CA

Timeless, Sergio Mendes, Concord Music Group
Recording Engineers: Jason Villaroman, Paul Erikson, Nicolas Duport,Padraic Kerin
Mixing Engineers: Tony Maserati, Ethan Willoughby
Producers: will.i.am, Sergio Mendez, Printz Board
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman
Mixing Facilities: Chung King Studios, NYC, Pacifique, N. Hollywood
Mastering Facility: Bernie Grundman Mastering
Recording Studios: Mosh Studios, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Spiral Studios, Hollywood, CA, Record Plant, Los Angeles, House of Blues, Encino, CA, Chung King Studios, NYC

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