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2001 TEC Awards Nominees and Winners


Record Production/Single
"Music", Music, Madonna
Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer: Mark "Spike" Stent
Producers: Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai
Recording Studios: Sarm Studios, London;
Mix Suite at Olympic Studios, London
Mastering Engineer: Tim Young
Mastering Facility: Metropolis Studios, London

"The Real Slim Shady", The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem
"Bye Bye Bye", No Strings Attached, ‘N Sync
"Wonderful", Songs From an American Movie,
Vol. 1. Everclear
"Country Grammar", Country Grammar, Nelly

Record Production/Album
Riding With the King, B.B. King & Eric Clapton
Recording Engineer: Alan Douglas
Mixing Engineer: Alan Douglas, Mick Guzauski
Producers: Eric Clapton, Simon Climie
Recording Studio: Record One, Los Angeles
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering, Portland,

The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem
Music, Madonna
No Strings Attached, ‘N Sync
Mad Season, Matchbox 20

Tour Production
Steely Dan
Tour Company: Clair Brothers
FOH Engineer: David Morgan
Monitor Engineers: Don Garber, Roger Nichols
Joni Mitchell
‘N Sync
Nine Inch Nails
Bruce Springsteen

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast
Hotter Than That with
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

Remote Facility: Record Plant Remote
Remote Engineers: Edward Haber, Bill Bremmer
Production Mixer: Irene Trudel
Music Mixer: Sandy Palmer Grassi
2000 Grammy Awards
MTV Music Video Awards
‘N Sync Live at Madison Square Gardens
Supernatural Live

Film Sound Production
Supervising Sound Editor: Per Halberg
Re-recording Mixers: Bob Beemer, Scott Milan
Production Sound Mixer: Ken Weston
Score Mixer: Alan Meyerson
Facility: Livewire Studios
Cast Away
The Patriot


Television Sound Production
Jazz A Film by Ken Burns
Supervising Sound Editor: Ira Stiegel
Re-recording Mixers: Lee Dichter, Dominick Travella
Audio Post Facility: Sound One, NYC

Late Show With David Letterman
Saturday Night Live
The Sopranos
West Wing


Ancillary Equipment
Aguilar DB900 Tube Direct Box
Equi=Tech ET12.5W Balanced Power System

Furman HDS-16/HRM-16 Headphone Cue System
NTI Minilyzer ML1 Handheld Analyzer
Omnirax F2 Workstation Furniture
Prism Sound dScope Series III Analyzer

Digital Converters
Apogee Electronics Trak2
Benchmark Media AD2k+
dB Technologies M•AD-824
Euphonix FC727 Format Converter
Lucid SRC9624 Sample Rate Converter
Prism Sound Dream ADA-8

Amplifier Technology
Apogee Sound CA-1000
Crest LT Series
Crown CE 4000
Hafler GX2600
QSC PowerLight 236a
Stage Accompany ES 40

Mic Preamplifier Technology
Avalon AD2022
Earthworks 1024
Focusrite ISA 110
Grace Designs Model 101
Millennia Media STT-1 Origin
Oram Octasonic Plus

Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement
AKG Emotion D 880
Audix VX-10
Beyerdynamic Opus 69
Earthworks SR69
Electro-Voice Cobalt Co9
Sennheiser Evolution e865

Microphone Technology/Studio
AKG C 2000B
BLUE Dragonfly
Brauner VM1 Klaus Heyne Edition
Royer Labs SF-1
Sennheiser MKH800
Shure KSM44
Soundelux ELUX 251

Wireless Technology
Audio-Technica ATW-7373
Electro-Voice N/DYM SCU w/ClearScan
Samson Airline AX1
Sennheiser Digital 1000
Shure PSM400

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology
BSS Audio FDS-334/-336 Minidrives
Community XLT500
dbx DriveRack 480
JBL VerTec VT4889
Mackie SR1530/SRS1500
Nexo PS8

Studio Monitor Technology
Event Electronics PS6
Hafler M5
KRK Systems V88
Meyer Sound Labs X-10
Quested VS3208
Westlake Audio Lc5.75

Musical Instrument Technology
E-mu E-IV Platinum
Fender Cyber Twin
Korg CX-3
Kurzweil PC2X
Native Instruments B4
Roland HPD-15

Signal Processing Technology/Hardware
Alesis airFX
Empirical Labs Model EL8-SX Distressor
Focusrite ISA 430
Lexicon 960L
TC Helicon VoicePrism

Signal Processing Technology/Software
Antares Auto-Tune 3
Waves Renaissance Reverb
Kind of Loud SmartCode Pro DTS Encoder
McDSP MC2000 Multiband Compressor V.1.0
Metric Halo Channel Strip MAS
Wave Mechanics Speed

Recording Devices
Euphonix R-1 Version 3.0
Fairlight Merlin
iZ Technology RADAR 24
Mackie HDR 24/96
Tascam MX-2424

Workstation Technology
Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum V.4.7
MOTU Digital Performer 2.7
Steinberg Nuendo 1.5
Yamaha AW4416

Sound Reinforcement Console Technology
Allen & Heath ML5000
Crest X-VCA
Midas Heritage 1000
Peavey SRM 2410 HC
Soundcraft Series Four
Yamaha PM-1D

Small Format Console Technology
Digidesign Control | 24
Mackie VLZ Pro 1642
Manley Mastering Console
Shure FP24
Sony DMX-R100
Tascam US-428 USB

Large Format Console Technology
Amek Media 51
Harrison MPC II
Neve 88R
Oram BEQ Pro 24
SSL SL 9000 J Scoring System
Studer D950 M2

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