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1994 TEC Awards
Nominees and Winners

Acoustics/Facility Design Company
ARCoustics, Inc., New York, NY
BOTO Design Architects Inc., Venice, CA
Russ Berger Design Group Inc., Dallas, TX
studio bau:ton, Los Angeles, CA
Walters-Storyk Design Group, Highland, NY

Sound Reinforcement Company
Audio Analysts, Colorado Springs, CO
Clair Brothers Audio Inc., Lititz, PA
Electrotec Productions Inc., Canoga Park, CA
MD Systems, Nashville, TN
Sound Image, San Marcos, CA

Mastering Facility
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Gateway Mastering, Portland ME
Masterdisk Corp., New York, NY
Masterfonics, Nashville, TN
Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Audio Post-Production Facility
Howard Schwartz Recording Inc., New York, NY
Pacific Ocean Post, Santa Monica, CA
Skywalker Sound North, San Rafael, CA
Sync Sound, New York, NY
Todd-AO/Glen Glenn Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA

Remote Recording Facility
Effanel Music, New York, NY
Le Mobile, North Hollywood, CA
Record Plant Remote, New York, NY
Reelsound Recording, Austin, TX
Remote Recording Services, Lahaska, PA

Recording Studio
A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Conway Studios, Los Angeles, CA
The Hit Factory, New York, NY
Record Plant, Hollywood, CA
Sony Music Studios, New York, NY


Audio Post-Production Engineer
Ken Hahn
George Meyer
Lee Murpny
Gary Rydstrom
Wylie Stateman

Remote/Broadcast Recording Engineer
Guy Charbonneau
Biff Dawes
Randy Ezratty
David Hewitt
Kooster McAllister

Sound Reinforcement Engineer
Robert "Cubby" Colby
Dave Kob
Ricky Moeller
Greg Price
Robert Scovill

Mastering Engineer
Greg Calbi
Ted Jensen
Bob Ludwig
Glenn Meadows
Doug Sax

Record Producer
Walter Becker
Tony Brown
David Foster
Brendan O’Brien
Don Was

Recording Engineer
Ed Cherney
Bob Clearmountain
Steve Hodge/Dave Rideau
George Massenburg
Roger Nichols


Ancillary Equipment
Apogee Electronics UV1000 Super CD Encoding System
Audio Precision ATS-1 Test System
Brainstorm SR-15+ Time Code Distripalyzer
Millennia Media HV-3 Preamp
Roland SRC-2 Sample Rate Converter
Tech-21 SansAmp PSA-1

Amplifier Technology
Crest Audio 7301
Crown Macro-Tech MA-36X12
Demeter VT275HF
Hafler Trans-Nova 9505
Hot House M500HV
Stewart PA-1400

Computer Software/Peripherals
Digidesign SampleCell II
Emagic Logic Audio Version 1.7
Innovative Quality Software Software Audio Workshop
Opcode Vision 2.0
Passport Producer Pro

Microphone Technology
Beyer MC 834
Manley Reference Gold Series
Neumann TLM193
Sennheiser MKH 80
Shure Beta87®

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology
Apogee Sound AE-9
Clair Brothers R-2DP
Eastern Acoustic Works KF852/BH852
JBL SR Series II
Meyer Sound Labs MSL-5
Turbosound Floodlight

Studio Monitor Technology
Alesis Monitor One
Apogee Sound MPTS-1
Bag End ELF System
KRK 7000B
Quested H208
Tannoy PBM 6.5 Mark II

Musical Instrument Technology
Akai CD 3000
Alesis QuadraSynth
E-mu Morpheus
Kurzweil MicroPiano®
Roland S-760 Sampler
Yamaha VLI

Signal Processing Technology
Analog Devices AD1890/AD1891
DigiTech TSR-24 Digital Multieffects
Eventide DSP4000 UltraHarmonizer®
Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor
Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb
Yamaha SPX990 Digital Multieffects

Recording Devices/Storage Technology
Akai Digital DR4d
Digidesign Pro Tools 2.0
Fostex RD-8 Digital 8-Track
Sonic Solutions Quattro Workstation
Sony PCM-9000 Disk Recorder/Editor
Tascam DA-88 Digital 8-Track

Sound Reinforcement Console Technology
Allen & Heath GL2
Crest Century LM Monitor Console
Midas XL3-48
Soundcraft Vienna II
Yamaha PM4000M Monitor Console

Small Format Console Technology
D & R Vision
Mackie 8-Bus Series
Soundcraft Sprit Studio LC
SoundTech Panoramic
Soundtracs Topaz
Studiomaster P7

Large Format Console Technology
AMS Logic 3
Euphonix CS2000
Otari Concept I
Solid State Logic G Plus Series
Sony DMX-S6000


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