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1988 TEC Awards
Nominees and Winners

Acoustics/Studio Design Company
Benchmark Associates, New York, NY
Tom Hidley Design Service, Montreux, Switzerland
The Joiner-Rose Group, Inc., Dallas TX
Perception, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Waterland Group, Hollywood, CA

Sound Reinforcement Company
Audio Analysts, Plattsburg, NY
Maryland Sound Industries Inc., Baltimore, MD
Schubert Systems Group, North Hollywood, CA
Showco Inc., Dallas, TX
Ultra Sound, San Rafael, CA

Recording School/Program
Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Winter Park, FL
Grove School of Music, Van Nuys, CA
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, MD
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

Mastering Facility
Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Masterdisk Corp., New York, NY
Masterfonics, Nashville, TN
Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Remote Recording Facility
Effanel Music Inc., New York, NY
Fanta Professional Services, Nashville, TN
Le Mobile, North Hollywood, CA
Remote Recording Services, Lahaska, PA
Westwood One Mobile Recording Division, Culver City, CA

Recording Studio
A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Royal Recorders, Lake Geneva, WI
Sync Sound Inc., New York, NY
Lion Share Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Universal Recording, Chicago, IL
The Village Recorder, West Los Angeles, CA


Film/Video/Broadcast Production Engineer
Biff Dawes
Don Estes
Randy Ezratty
David Hewitt
Bob Liftin

Film/Video/Broadcast Post-Production Engineer
Richard Beggs
Ken Hahn
Gerry Humphreys
George Johnsen
Dominick Tavella

Sound Reinforcement Engineer
Mark Deadman
Bruce Jackson
Buford Jones
Dave Kob
M.L. Procise

Mastering Engineer
Greg Calbi
Gregory Fulginiti
Bernie Grundman
Ted Jensen

Record Producer
Neil Dorfsman
Jimmy Iovine
Quincy Jones
Daniel Lanois
Narada Michael Walden

Recording Engineer
Neil Dorfsman
Humberto Gatica
Kevin Killen
George Massenburg
Bruce Swedien


Recording Devices/Storage Technology
DAR SoundStation II
Integrated Media Systems Dyaxis Digital Audio System
Lexicon Opus
Otari T-700 TMD DAT/Video Duplicator
Sony PCM-25000 Pro DAT Recorder
Waveframe AudioFrame

Transducer Technology
Bose Acoustic Wave Cannon System
Eastern Acoustic Works KF-850/SB-850 Speaker System
Electro-Voice N/DYM Microphones
Samson Stage II Wireless Microphone
Showco Prism Sound System
Tannoy PBM 6.5 Monitors

Computer Hardware/Software
Apple Macintosh II
Blank Software Alchemy
C-LAB Creator
Digidesign Q-Sheet
Passport Designs Master Tracks Pro

Signal Processing Technology
Alesis MIDIverb II
Art IEQ (Intelligent Equalizer) with SmartCurve
Digitech DSP 128 Stereo Digital Multi-Effects Signal Processor
Drawmer M500 Dynamics Processor
Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer
Yamaha REV5 Digital Reverberator

Ancillary Equipment
Apogee Electronics 944-S/944-G Digital Filters
Crest 8001 Power Amp
dbx RTA-1 Real-Time Analysis System
Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp
Yamaha PD2500 Professional Amplifier

Console Technology
Amek APC1000 Assignable Production Console
DDA DCM 232 In-Line Console
Ramsa WR-S852 Modular Sound Reinforcement Console
Solid State Logic G Series Studio Computer
Yamaha DMP7 Digital Mixing Processor

Musical Instrument Technology
Alesis HR-16 High Sample Rate/16-Bit Drum Machine
E-mu Emulator III Digital Sound Production System
Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler
Kurzweil 1000 PX Professional Expander
Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer


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