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1987 TEC Awards
Nominees and Winners

Acoustics/Studio Design Company
Chips Davis LEDE Designs, Inc., Las Vegas, NV
Joiner-Rose Group, Inc., Dallas TX
Lakeside Associates, Irvine, CA
Perception, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Valley Audio, Nashville, TN

Sound Reinforcement Company
Audio Analysts, Plattsburg, NY
Clair Brothers, Lititz, PA
Showco Inc., Dallas, TX
Ultra Sound, San Rafael, CA

Recording School/Program
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Winter Park, FL
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Recording Workshop, Chillicothe, OH
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

Mastering Facility
Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Fantasy Inc., Berkeley, CA
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Masterdisk Corp., New York, NY
Masterfonics, Nashville, TN
Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Remote Recording Facility
Aura Sonic Ltd., Flushing, NY
Fanta Professional Services, Nashville, TN
Le Mobile, North Hollywood, CA
Remote Recording Services, Monsey, NY

Recording Studio
Lion Share Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Power Station, New York, NY
Sync Sound Inc., New York, NY
Unique Recording, New York, NY
Universal Recording, Chicago, IL

Record Company
Capitol Records
CBS/Records Group
Island Records
MCA Records
Warner Bros. Records


Film/Video/Broadcast Production Engineer
Biff Dawes
Ed Greene
David Hewitt
Simon Kaye
Bob Liftin

Film/Video/Broadcast Post-Production Engineer
Tom Fleischman
Ken Hahn
Steve Maslow
Dennis Sands

Sound Reinforcement Engineer
M.L. Procise
Brian Ruggles
Craig Schertz
Mark Smith
Kim Turner

Mastering Engineer
Gregory Fulginiti
George Horn
Ted Jensen
Bob Ludwig
Glenn Meadows

Record Producer
Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis
Daniel Lanois
Michael Omartian
Paul Simon
Russ Titelman/Steve Winwood
Narada Michael Walden

Recording Engineer
Bob Clearmountain
Jason Corsaro/Tom Lord-Alge
Humberto Gatica
Roy Halee
Kevin Killen


Recording Devices/Storage Technology
New England Digital Direct-to-Disk System
Otari DTR-900
Otari MX-80
Sony BVH-2800
Studer A820 Multi-Channel Recorder

Automation/Control Systems
Adams-Smith Zeta Three Synchronizer
Digital Creations Diskmix Moving Faders
Solid State Logic Advanced Total Recall with Autoscan
SoundMaster Intergrated Editing System
TimeLine Lynx Time Code Module Version 4.0

Transducer Technology
AKG C-414B-ULS Microphone
Beyer MC 740 Microphone
Quested Monitoring System Q Range Studio Monitors
Sanken CMS-7 Microphone

Computer Hardware/Software
Digidesign Softsynth Version 2.0
Intelligent Music Jam Factory
Intelligent Music M
Mark of the Unicorn Performer Version 1.22
Optical Media CDS3 Universe of Sound/CD ROM Drive
Pristine Systems Studio Management System
Steinberg Research Pro 24 2.0

Signal Processing Technology
Alesis Microverb
Lexicon 480L Digital Effects Systems
Roland DEP-5 Digital Effects Processor
TC Electronic TC-2290 Digital Delay/Sampler/Effects
Yamaha International SPX-90 Digital Multi-Effects Processor

Ancillary Equipment
Furman Sound PL-8 Power Conditioner and Light Module
Meyer Sound Labs MS-1000 Power Amplifier
Monster Cable Prolink Series 1 Tub Mic Cable
Perreaux 3000B Amplifier
Recording Studio Services Correlation Phase Indicator

Console Technology
Focusrite Input Signal Amplifiers
Harrison Series Ten
Rupert Neve V Series Console
Soundcraft TS-12
Trident Di-An

Musical Technology
Akai S900 Digital Sampler
E-mu Systems Emax Digital Sampling Keyboard
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer
Korg DSS-1
Roland GK-1/GK-70 Guitar System
Yahama International DX7KKFD Digital Synthesizer

Tape/Disc Manufacturing Technology
Electro-Sound ES-4800 Duplication System
Rupert Neve DTC Series Digital Mastering Console
Optical Media Topix CD-ROM CD-1 Premaster Encoding System
Sony Pro Audio DMC-1200 Master Code Cutter
Teldec DMM CD Mastering System


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