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1986 TEC Awards
Nominees and Winners

Acoustics/Studio Design Company
Chips Davis LEDE Designs, Inc., Las Vegas, NV
Joiner-Rose Group, Inc., Dallas TX
Lakeside Associates, Irvine, CA
Perception, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Valley Audio, Nashville, TN

Sound Reinforcement Company
Clair Brothers, Lititz, PA

Recording School/Program
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
University of Colorado, Denver CO
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
College for the Recording Arts, San Francisco, CA

Mastering Facility
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Digital Audio Disc Corporation, Terre Haute, IN
Masterdisk Corp., New York, NY
Masterfonics, Nashville, TN
Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Remote Recording Facility
Effanel Music, New York, NY
Fanta Professional Services, Nashville, TN
Le Mobile, North Hollywood, CA
Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Remote Recording Services Inc., Monsey, NY

Recording Studio
Capitol Records Studios, Hollywod, CA
Cherokee Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Larrabee Studios, West Hollywood, CA
Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, CA
Power Station, New York, NY
Universal Recording, Chicago, IL

Record Company
American Gramaphone
CBS Masterworks
GRP Records
RCA Red Seal


Broadcast Sound Engineer
Biff Dawes
Jim Duncan
Ron Estes
David Hewitt
Mark Schubin

Film Sound Engineer
Ed Anderson
Bruce Botnick
Dennis Sands
Leanne Ungar/Ken Hahn/Bill Marino/Roma Baran
Dan Walin
Billy Youdelman

Sound Reinforcement Engineer
Paul DeVilliers
Dan Healy
Bruce Jackson
Buford Jones
M.L. Procise III

Mastering Engineer
Bernie Grundman
Steve Hall
Bob Ludwig
John Macdonald
Glenn Meadows

Record Producer
Phil Collins/Hugh Padgham
Mark Knopfler/Neil Dorfsman
Michael Masser
Phil Ramone
Narada Michael Walden

Recording Engineer
Bob Clearmountain
Neil Dorfsman
Humberto Gatica
George Massenburg
Alan Parsons


Tape/Disc Manufacturing Technology
Harmonia Mundi Acoustica bw 102 Digital-Audio Interface
JVC D-900 Digital Audio Mixer/Equalizer
Neumann AME 591 Equalizer
Philips/Sony CD-Interactive Format Standard
Teldec Direct Metal Mastering

Film and Broadcast Sound Technology
AMS Audiofile
Droid Works SoundDroid
Fostex Model 4030 Synchronizer
Solid State Logic SL 5000 M Series Audio Production System
Sound Ideas CD Sound Effects Library

Acoustics Technology
Acoustics Sciences Corp. Tube Traps
Bruel & Kjaer Instruments Speech Transmission Meter Type 3361
Meyer Sound Labs Source Independent Measure (SIM)
Monster Cable Soundex Acoustical Panels
Rapid Systems FFT Peripheral/Software
Scientific Design Software Computer-Aided Speaker Design Program

Sound Reinforcement Technology
Crown International GLM Miniature Microphone
Harrison HM-4 Console
Intersonics Incorporated Servo-Drive Loudspeakers (SDL)
Meyer Sound Labs CP-10 Complementary Phase Parametric Equalizer
Renkus-Heinz Smart System Loudspeakers
Yamaha International PM3000 Audio Mixing Console

Musical Instrument Technology
E-mu Systems Emulator II
Ensoniq Mirage Digital Multi-Sampler
Fairlight Instruments Computer Musical Instrument Series III
Linn Electronics Linn 9000
New England Digital Synclavier Digital Audio System
Yahama International TX816 FM Tone Generation System

Recording Technology
Dolby Laboratories Spectral Recording Process
Lexicon PCM70 Digital Effects Processor
Mitsubishi X-850 Digital Recorder
Sony Pro Audio PCM-1630 Digital Audio Processor
Willi Studer AG A820 Analog Recorder
Yamaha International REV7 Digital Reverberator


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