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Presenter Claytoven Richardson (l) and Renee Richardson ( r) with Genelec’s marketing director Will Eggleston and Ilpo  Martikainen, founder and chairman of the Board Genelec OY, holding their TEC Award for the Genelec SE DSP System, winner in the category of Studio Monitor Technology.

SSL’s Phil Wagner accepts for Troy German in the category of Studio Project for Red Bull Studios, and then calls him with the news.

(L-R) Karen Brinton, president of Remote Recording, Mix magazine’s George Petersen and Sherri Tantleff, Industry Outreach Manager, Full Sail University at the Platinum Reception.

Presenters audio scientist  Keith O Johnson and veteran engineer Stephen Hart.

Pablo Espinosa, vice president of R&D, Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc., accepts the award for Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology for the Meyer Sound UPJunior.

Asleep At The Wheel made a surprise appearance at the TEC Awards.

Apogee’s Lucas van Der Mee backstage with the TEC Award for the Duet, winner in the category of Digital Converter Technology.

Backstage with Ray Benson holding on to his Les Paul Award  and his Gibson guitar.

Halo 3 creators (l-r) C Paul Johnson, Mat Noguchi, Marty O’Donnell, Matt Burns (accepting on behalf of Jay Weinland) take home the TEC Awards for Interactive Entertainment Sound Production.

Producer/mixing engineer Dave O’Donnell, with his TEC Award for his work on Surround Sound Recording winner—James Taylor—One Man Band.

Audio-Technica’s  VP of Engineering, Jackie Green and president Phil Cajka enjoy their first-ever win after many nominations! The Audio-Technica SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband System won in the category of Wireless Technology.

Music mixer Eric Shilling takes home a TEC Award for his work on the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, winner in the Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast category.

Larry Batiste, musical director of the 2Cold Chile Bone TEC Band.

Presenters Jeff Watson (l) and Howard Page (r ) with Yamaha’s Marc Lopez, holding the TEC Award for Yamaha PM5DV2, winner in the category of Sound Reinforcement Console.

Universal Audio President Matt Ward (l) is congratulated by Mix Foundation President Hillel Resner for UA’s win for their Universal Audio 2-LA-2 in the category of Signal Processing Technology/Hardware.

Digidesign is out in force to pick up their TEC Award for the Pro Tools 7.4 in the category of Workstation Technology. (L-r)  Avid’s Tex Shenkken, and Digidesign’s  Adrian Haselhuber, Paul Foeckler, Tim Carroll and Scott Church.

Telefunken USA accepts the TEC award for Studio Microphone Technology (L-R) Joseph Masters, Telefunken USA CEO Toni Fishman, Alan Veniscofsky, Matt Nuttycombe and Ian Jones.

Dave Smith with his TEC Award for Musical Instrument Technology (Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08).

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss offer a heartfelt tribute to Hall of Fame inductee T Bone Burnett.

Euphonix celebrates their win in the category of Small Format Console Technology for the Euphonix  MC Mix Controller. (L-R)  Steve Milne, vice president of engineering, Andrew Wild, vice president of marketing, Martin Kloiber, CEO and Mike Franklin, executive vice president of worldwide sales.

Raising Sand, winner in the Record Production/Album category, was well represented (l-r) Tina Morris (The Village), Mike Piersante (recording/mixing engineer), T Bone Burnett (producer), Alsion Krauss, Gavin Lurssen (mastering engineer/facility) and Jeff Greenberg (The Village, recording facility).

All-star line-up: (l-r) Geoff Emerick, Michael Carabello, T Bone Burnett and Mix Foundation president Hillel Resner.

Backstage with T Bone Burnett, Alison Krauss and Mix magazine editorial director Tom Kenny.

Supervising Sound Editors Karen Baker Lander and Per Hallberg celebrate backstage their TEC Award for their work on The Bourne Ultimatum in the category of Film Sound Production.

(L-R) Tommy Dunbar, Bonnie Hayes, Teresa Trull(pictured) with Dick Bright and Tommy Dubar opened up the show with a crowd-pleasing performance of "I'll Fly Away."


Howard Page accepts the TEC Award on behalf of Clair, for their work on The Police in the category of Tour Sound Production.

Evelyn Neve, Rupert's wife and co-owner of Rupert Neve Designs, holds one of their two TEC Awards. The Portico 5015 won in the category of Microphone Preamplifier Technology
and the 5088 took home honors in the Large Format Console Technology category.

Ray Benson gets ready to play.

Royer Labs’ John Jennings and Eveanna Manley celebrate the Royer win for their Royer Live Series in the Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement category.

Presenter Phil Ramone

Al Schmitt presents the final awards.
(L-R) Presenters GANG president Paul Lipson and SCEA senior manager, sound group, Gene Semel.














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