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Ancillary Equipment: AKG K271 Studio Headphones

Amplifier Technology: Crown CTs Series 2-Channel Ethernet

Digital Converters: Apogee Mini-Me

Mic Preamplifier Technology: Universal Audio 6176

Microphone Technology/Studio: Telefunken Ela-M 251

Microphone Technology / Sound Reinforcement: Shure SM86

Wireless Technology: Sennheiser SKM5000-N/KK105s

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology: JBL VerTec VT4887

Studio Monitor Technology: Genelec 7070A Active Multichannel Sub

Musical Instrument Technology: Moog Music Minimoog Voyager

Signal Processing Technology / Hardware: Manley SLAM!

Signal Processing Technology / Software: Waves Platinum TDM

Workstation Technology: Digidesign Digi 002

Recording/Storage Devices: Mackie SDR24/96

Sound Reinforcement Console Technology: Yamaha DM2000

Small Format Console Technology: Yamaha 02R96

Large Format Console Technology: SSL XL 9000K Series


Studio Design Project: Hit Factory Studio 6, New York Citydetail
Acousticians: Troy Germano, Hit Factory/Dave Bell, Whitemark Ltd.
Studio Owner: Janice Germano

Television Sound Production: Austin City Limits, PBS
Supervising Sound Editor: David Hough
Re-recording Mixer: David Hough
Production Mixers: Sharon Cullen, David Hough
Audio Post Facility: KLRU, Austin, TX

Film Sound Production: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Supervising Sound Editors: Mike Hopkins, Ethan van Der Ryn
Sound Designers: David Farmer, Ethan van Der Ryn
Re-recording Mixers: Chris Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges
Production Sound Mixer: Hammond Peek
Score Mixers: Peter Cobbin, John Kurlander
Audio Post Facility: The Film Unit-Wellington, New Zealand

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast: Standing in the Shadows of Motown
Remote Engineer: Kooster McAllister
Production Mixer: Ted Greenberg
Music Mixer: Ted Greenberg, Clive Taylor
Remote Facility: Record Plant Remote, Ringwood, NJ

Tour Sound Production: Peter Gabriel "Growing Up" Tour
Tour Company: AudioTek (ATK)/Firehouse Productions
FOH Engineer: Jim Warren
Monitor Engineer: Bryan Olsen

Record Production/Single or Track: "Soak Up The Sun," C’mon, C’mon, Sheryl Crow
A&M Records
Recording Engineer: Trina Shoemaker, Eric Tew, Dean Baskerville
Mixing Engineer: Andy Wallace
Producers: Sheryl Crow, Jeff Trott
Recording Studio: Black Apple Studios, Portland, OR, Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA
Mastering Engineer: Howie Weinberg
Mastering Facility: Masterdisk, NYC

Record Production/Album: C’mon, C’mon, Sheryl Crow
A&M Records
Recording Engineer: Trina Shoemaker, Eric Tew
Mixing Engineers: Andy Wallace, Jack Joseph Puig
Producer: Sheryl Crow
Recording Studios: Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, Clinton Recording, NYC, Avatar, NYC, Ocean Way, Nashville, Emerald Studios, Nashville, Black Apple Studios, Portland, Henson Studios, Los Angeles, Funny Bunny Studios, London, Sound Factory, Los Angeles, The Living Room, Los Angeles
Mastering Engineer: Howie Weinberg
Mastering Facility: Masterdisk, NYC

HALL OF FAME — Eddie Kramer
LES PAUL AWARD — Bruce Springsteen



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