TECnology Hall of Fame

2008 Inductees and profiles
2007 Inductees and profiles
2006 Inductees and profiles
2005 Inductees and profiles
2004 Inductees and profiles

2010 TECnology Hall of Fame Awards Photos

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TEC Foundation President
Hillel Resner

TECnology Hall of Fame
Director George Petersen

George Petersen and
JBL's Mark Gander

George Petersen and
Sennheiser's Greg Beebe

George Petersen and
Prophet 5 designer Dave Smith

George Petersen and
FutureSonics' Marty Garcia

George Petersen and
Waves' Gilad Keren

George Petersen and
Antares' Dr. Harold Hildebrand

H.E.A.R.'s Kathy Peck
and Marty Garcia

Dr. Harold Hildebrand, Dave Smith,
and Gilad Keren

Mark Gander and Hillel Resner

6th Annual TECnology
Hall of Fame Inductees

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