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Nominees for the 30th Annual NAMM TEC Awards for Outstanding Creative Achievement
• January 24, 2015

Listed below are the nominees in 8 categories of Outstanding Creative Achievement and the nominees for Studio Design Project as selected by the 2014 NAMM TEC Awards Nominating Panel. TECHNICAL nominees are here.


"A Sky Full of Stars," Coldplay
(Parlophone · Atlantic)
Recording Engineers: Olga Fitzroy, Matt Wiggins, Jaime Sickora, Chris Owens, Joe Visciano
Mixing Engineer: Mark "Spike" Stent
Mixing Facilities: Henson Recording Studios, Air Studios, Mix Suite UK
Producers: Tim Bergling, Coldplay, Paul Epworth, Daniel Green, Rik Simpson
Recording Studio: Henson Recording Studios
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Mastering Facility: Sterling Sound

"Anything Goes," Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett
(Streamline · Interscope · Columbia)
Recording Engineers: Dae Bennett, Tim Marchiafava
Mixing Engineers: Dae Bennett, Tim Marchiafava, Allesandro Perrotta
Mixing Facility: Avatar Studios
Producer: Dae Bennett
Recording Studios: KAS Music and Sound, Kaufman Astoria Studios, Avatar Studios
Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi
Mastering Facility: Sterling Sound

"Fever," The Black Keys
Recording Engineers: Kennie Takahashi, Geoff Neal, Bill Skibbe, Collin Dupuis
Mixing Engineer: Tchad Blake
Mixing Facility: Full Mongrel
Producers: The Black Keys, Danger Mouse
Recording Studios: Sunset Sound, Key Club, Easy Eye Sound
Mastering Engineer: Brian Lucey
Mastering Facility: Magic Garden Mastering

"Happy," Pharrell Williams
(Back Lot Music · i am OTHER · Columbia)
Recording Engineer: Mike Larson for i am OTHER Entertainment
Mixing Engineer: Leslie Brathwaite
Mixing Facility: Music Box Studios
Producer:  Pharrell Williams
Recording Studios: Jungle City Studios, Circle House Studios
Mastering Engineer: Reuben Cohen
Mastering Facility: Lurssen Mastering

"Not a Bad Thing," Justin Timberlake
Recording Engineer: Chris Godbey
Mixing Engineers: Jimmy Douglass, Chris Godbey
Mixing Facility: Larrabee Studios
Producers: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon
Recording Studio: Larrabee Studios
Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch
Mastering Facility: The Mastering Palace


Ghost Stories, Coldplay
(Parlophone · Atlantic)
Recording Engineers: Olga Fitzroy, Matt Wiggins, Jaime Sickora, Chris Owens, Joe Visciano
Mixing Engineers: Mark "Spike" Stent, Daniel Green, Rik Simpson
Mixing Facilities: Henson Recording Studios, Air Studios, Mix Suite UK
Producers: Coldplay, Paul Epworth, Daniel Green, Rik Simpson, Tim Bergling, Jon Hopkins
Recording Studio: Henson Recording Studios
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Mastering Facility: Sterling Sound

G I R L, Pharrell Williams
(i am OTHER · Columbia)
Recording Engineers: Mike Larson for i am OTHER Entertainment, Andrew Coleman for i am OTHER Entertainment, Hart Gunther, Ann Mincieli, Kevin Globerman, Adrian Breakspear, Florian Lagatta, Kenta Yonesaka, Alan Meyerson, Stephanie McNally
Mixing Engineers: Mick Guzauski, Jimmy Douglass, Leslie Brathwaite, Alan Meyerson
Mixing Facilities: Conway Recording Studios, The Magic Mix Room, Music Box Studios, Ocean Way Recording
Producer: Pharrell Williams
Recording Studios: South Beach Studios, The Studio at The Setai, Circle House Studios, Conway Recording Studios, Jungle City Studios, Studio at the Palms, Glenwood Place Studios, Chalice Recording Studio, GANG Recording Studio, Chicago Recording Company, Germano Studios
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering

Lazaretto, Jack White
(Third Man · XL · Columbia)
Recording Engineers: Vance Powell, Joshua V. Smith
Mixing Engineers: Joshua V. Smith, Jack White
Mixing Facility: Third Man Studio
Producer: Jack White
Recording Studio: Third Man Studio
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering

Morning Phase, Beck
Recording Engineers: Darrell Thorp, Florian Lagatta, Cole Marsden Grief Neill, Cassidy Turbin, Joe Visciano, David Greenbaum, Drew Brown, Robbie Nelson
Mixing Engineer: Tom Elmhirst
Mixing Facility: Electric Lady Studios
Producer: Beck Hansen
Recording Studios: The Library, Ocean Way Recording, Ocean Way Nashville, GANG Recording Studio, Rak Studio, Electric Lady Studios, Blackbird Studio, Sunset Sound, Capitol Studios
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mastering Facility: Gateway Mastering

New, Paul McCartney
(Virgin EMI Records · HEAR)
Recording Engineers: Sam Okell, Matt Wiggins, Dom Monks, Al O’Connell, Josh Blair, Matty Green, Steve Orchard
Mixing Engineer: Mark "Spike" Stent
Mixing Facilities: Mix Suite UK, Henson Recording Studios, Hog Hill Mill
Producers:  Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns, Giles Martin, Mark Ronson
Recording Studios: Henson Recording Studios, Avatar Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Air Studios, Wolf Tone Studios, Hog Hill Mill
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Mastering Facility: Sterling Sound


Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band—High Hopes Tour
Sound Company: Solotech
FOH Engineer: John Cooper
Monitor Engineers: Troy Milner, Monty Carlo

Justin Timberlake—The 20/20 Experience World Tour
Sound Company: Solotech
FOH Engineer: Andy Meyer
Monitor Engineer: Dan Horton

Katy Perry—Prismatic World Tour
Sound Company: Clair Global
FOH Engineer: Pete Keppler
Monitor Engineer: Manny Barajas

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden—2014 Tour
Sound Company: Firehouse Productions
FOH Engineer: Antony King
Monitor Engineer: Michael Prowda

Sting & Paul Simon: On Stage Tour
Sound Company: Clair Global
FOH Engineers: Michael “Coach” Conner, Howard Page
Monitor Engineers: Pete Buess, Bob Lewis


29th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Remote Engineers: Jay Vicari, Joel Singer
Production Mixers: Brian Riordan, Jamie Ledner
Music Mixers: John Harris, Jay Vicari, Bob Clearmountain, Ben Findlay
Remote Facilities: Music Mix Mobile (M3), The Music Mix Studio, Levels Audio

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Remote Engineers: Hugh Healy, Joel Singer, Mark Linett
Production Mixers: Tom Holmes, Eric Johnston
Music Mixers: John Harris, Eric Schilling
Remote Facilities: NEP Denali, Music Mix Mobile (M3)

86th Annual Academy Awards
Remote Engineers: Hugh Healy, Doug Wingert
Production Mixers: Paul Sandweiss, Kristian Pedregon
Music Mixers: Biff Dawes, Tommy Vicari
Remote Facilities: NEP Denali, Capitol Studios, Sound Design Corporation

Back To Front: Peter Gabriel Live In London
(Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Remote Engineers: Ben Findlay, Dom Monks, Richard Chappell
Production Mixer: Ben Findlay
Music Mixer: Richard Chappell

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013
Remote Engineers: David Hewitt, Brian Montgomery, Phil Gitomer
Production Mixers: Elliot Scheiner, Guy Charbonneau, Thom Cadley
Music Mixers: Doyle Bramhall II, Jeremy Stacey, Alan Branch, Simon Climie, Alan Douglas, Guy Charbonneau, Justin Niebank, Dave O'Donnell, Steve Jordan, Elliot Scheiner, Tim Hoogenakker
Remote Facilities: Remote Recording, Le Mobile


Captain America: The Winter Soldier
(Walt Disney Pictures · Marvel)
Supervising Sound Editors: Shannon Mills, Daniel Laurie
Sound Designers: David Hughes, Al Nelson
Re-Recording Mixers: Tom Johnson, Juan Peralta
Production Mixer: Petur Hliddal
Score Mixer: Al Clay
Recording Studio: Air Studio
Audio Post Facilities: Skywalker Sound, Walt Disney Studios Sound

(Walt Disney Pictures)
Supervising Sound Editor: Odin Benitez
Sound Designer: Odin Benitez
Re-Recording Mixers: David Fluhr, CAS, Gabriel Guy, CAS
Production Mixer: Gabriel Guy, CAS, Doc Kane
Score Mixer: Casey Stone
Recording Studio: Walt Disney Studios Sound
Audio Post Facilities: Walt Disney Studios Sound, Formosa Group

(Warner Bros.)
Supervising Sound Editor: Glenn Freemantle
Sound Designer: Glenn Freemantle
Re-Recording Mixers: Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead
Production Mixer: Chris Munro
Score Mixer: Gareth Cousins, CAS
Recording Facilities: Abbey Road Studios, British Grove Studios
Audio Post Facilities: Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, Warner Bros. Sound (Burbank), Sound 24

The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug
(New Line Cinema · Warner Bros.)
Supervising Sound Editors:  Brent Burge, Chris Ward
Sound Designers:  David Farmer, Dave Whitehead
Re-Recording Mixers:  Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Gary Summers, Gilbert Lake
Production Mixers:  Tony Johnson, Chris Hiles
Score Mixer:  Peter Cobbin
Recording Studio:  Abbey Road Studios
Audio Post Facility:  Park Road Post Production

X-Men: Days of Future Past
(20th Century Fox)
Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Berkey, John A. Larsen
Sound Designers: Craig Berkey, Warren Hendriks, Chuck Michael
Re-Recording Mixers: Ron Bartlett, Doug Hemphill
Production Mixer: Patrick Rousseau
Score Mixer: Casey Stone
Recording Studio: Newman Scoring Stage
Audio Post Facility: 20th Century Fox Studios


Breaking Bad
Supervising Sound Editor: Nick Forshager
Re-Recording Mixers: Jeffrey Perkins, Eric Justen
Production Mixer:  Darryl Frank
Audio Post Facilities: Warner Bros. Sound, Play It By Ear, Inc.

Game of Thrones
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Re-Recording Mixers: Onnalee Blank, CAS, Mathew Waters
Production Mixers: Ronan Hill, CAS, Richard Dyer
Audio Post Facility: Todd-AO

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Production Sound Mixer: Fred Zeller
Music Mixers: Lawrence Manchester, Nathaniel Hare, Paul Klimson
Audio Post Facility: NBC Studios

The Night That Changed America—A GRAMMY Salute to The Beatles
Re-Recording Mixers: Giles Martin, Josh Morton, Kristian Pedregon, Paul Sandweiss
Production Mixer: Larry Reed
Music Mixer: Al Schmitt
Audio Post Facilities: Capitol Studios, Sound Design Corporation

The Walking Dead
Supervising Sound Editor: Jerry Ross 
Re-Recording Mixers: Dan Hiland, CAS, Gary Rogers, CAS
Production Mixer: Michael P. Clark, CAS
Audio Post Facility: Warner Bros. Sound


Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
Audio Director: Aldo Sampaio
Sound Designers: Allan Beaupre, Tristan Bernier, David Bridet, Nicholas Grimwood, Steven Hernandez, Olivier Ramirez Lussier, Jonathan Pilon, Martin Samuel
Audio Production Manager: Oliver Ged
Audio Programmers: Michael Larouche, Simon St-Gelais
Audio Post Facilities: Brian Tyler, Ubisoft Montreal Alice Performance Studio, Game on Audio

Battlefield 4
(DICE · Electronic Arts)
Audio Directors: Ben Minto, Bence Pajor
Sound Designers: Andreas Almström, Mari Saastamoinen Minto, Ben Minto, David Jegutidse, Samuel Justice, Stefan Strandberg, Olof Strömqvist, Kim Creutzer, Viktor Israelsson, Ludvig Kullberg, James Slavi
Sound & Music Integrators: Simon Lindskog, Gustav Rathsman
Audio Programmers: Jonatan Blomster, Martin Loxton, Clement Visseq
Audio Post Facilities: Red Pipe, Source Sound

Call of Duty: Ghosts
(Infinity Ward · Neversoft · Raven · Activision)
Audio Directors: Stephen Miller, Clark Wen, Mark Kilborn
Sound Designers: David Rowe, Mark Ganus, Chris Staples, Chrissy Arya, Nakia Harris, Ryan Garigliano, Tim Stasica, Jeremy Rogers, Josh Lord, Chris Egert, Darren Blondin, Vadim Nuniyants, Andy Bayless
Sound & Music Integrators: Steven Holmes, Mike Denny, David Rowe, Mark Ganus, Chris Staples, Chrissy Arya, Nakia Harris, Ryan Garigliano, Tim Stasica, Jeremy Rogers, Josh Lord, Chris Egert, Darren Blondin, Vadim Nuniyants, Andy Bayless, Stephen Miller, Clark Wen, Mark Kilborn
Audio Programmers: Tom Parker, Nathan Rausch
Audio Post Facilities:  Firefly Music, Source Sound, Earbash, Todd AO

The Last of Us: Left Behind
(Naughty Dog / Sony Computer Entertainment)
 Audio Director: Phillip Kovats  
Sound Designers: Derrick Espino, James Barker, Robert Krekel, Neil Uchitel, Erick Ocampo, Mike Niederquell 
Sound & Music Integrators: Warren Post, Mike Hourihan, Jonathan Mayer, Scott Hanau 
Audio Programmer: Jonathan Lanier  
Audio Post Facility: Formosa Group

(Respawn · Electronic Arts)
Audio Director: Erik Kraber
Sound Designers: Tyler Parsons, Bradley Snyder, Joshua Nelson
Audio Programmer: Eric Macklenberg
Audio Post Facilities: Afterlight Inc., Warner Bros. Sound, PCB Productions Dialogue Services


Berklee College of Music, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA
Architect or Studio Designer: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Acoustician: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group

Fly By West II, Nashville, TN
Architect or Studio Designer: Carl Tatz Design
Acoustician: Carl Tatz
Owner: Derek West

Studio Baumhaus, Houston, TX
Architect or Studio Designer: Pilchner Schoustal International, Inc.
Acoustician: Pilchner Schoustal International, Inc.

The Orchard, New York City, NY
Architect or Studio Designer: Francis Manzella Design Ltd.
Acoustician: Francis Manzella
Owner: Michael Petrovich

Windmark Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Architect or Studio Designer: nonzero\architecture – studio bau:ton
Acoustician: nonzero\architecture – studio bau:ton
Owner: Michael Marquart


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