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The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio, presenters of the Technical Excellence and Creativity (TEC) Awards, has announced the 2006 inductees to the TECnology Hall of Fame. Established in 2004, the TECnology Hall of Fame recognizes products and innovations that have made a significant, lasting contribution to the advancement of audio technology. Inductees are chosen by a panel of more than 50 audio experts, including authors, educators, engineers, facility owners and other professionals. Products or innovations must be at least 10 years old to be eligible for induction.

In 2006, 15 innovations or products are to be inducted to the TECnology Hall of Fame. Three inductees are pre-1950 and the rest were introduced between 1950 and 1995. The induction ceremony will be held at San Francisco's Moscone Center on Friday, October 6, during the Audio Engineering Society Convention.

1916 Condenser Microphone—E.C. Wente/Bell Labs
1933 Fletcher-Munson Loudness Curves—Harvey Fletcher/Wilden Munson/Bell Labs
1935 Lansing Shearer Horn

1950 through 1995
1953 Hammond Model B-3 tonewheel organ
1955 Ampex Sel-Sync 8-track recorder
1958 Telefunken Ela M 251 microphone (AKG OEM)
1967 Neumann U87 microphone
1967 Time-Delay Spectrometry—Richard Heyser
1971 Thiele-Small vented enclosure parameters—A.N. Thiele/Richard H. Small
1976 UREI 813 studio monitors
1979 Lexicon 224 digital reverb
1979 TEAC Model 144 Portastudio
1983 Sony PCM-3324 digital multitrack
1983 Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer
1987 Sonic Solutions NoNoise

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