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Below are the first 25 inductees into the TECnology Hall of Fame, an honor established for those products and innovations that have had an enduring impact on the development of audio technology. The awards were presented on October 29, 2004 in San Francisco, during the 117th Audio Engineering Society Convention.

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1877 Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph
1887 Emile Berliner disk recorder
1906 Triode vacuum tube — Lee de Forest
1926 Bell Labs Vitaphone talking picture system
1929 Nyquist Theorem — digital audio sampling foundation
1931 Stereo patent — Alan Blumlein
1935 AEG K-1 Magnetophon — first tape recorder
1945 Altec Voice of the Theatre A7 loudspeaker system
1947 Neumann U47 — first switchable-pattern condenser microphone
1948 Ampex 200A tape recorder

1950 through 1994
1953 AKG C12 — first remote controlled multi-pattern microphone
1954 EMT first electro-mechanical plate reverb
1962 Teletronix LA-2A tube compressor
1965 Dolby A-Type noise reduction
1965 Shure SM57 dynamic microphone
1969 TEAC 1/4-inch 4-track recorder
1971 Lexicon Delta T-101 — first professional digital audio device
1973 JBL 4311 studio monitors
1977 Soundstream — first commercial digital recording system
1977 SSL 4000 — first computerized console
1978 New England Digital Synclavier
1980 Meyer UPA-1 — first arrayable, trapezoidal loudspeaker system
1991 Alesis ADAT modular digital multitrack recorder
1991 Digidesign Pro Tools
1992 Mackie CR-1604 compact mixer


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