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28th Annual TEC Awards Photos

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Eric Burdon and Tal Wilkenfeld

Eric Burdon and Pete Townshend

2012 Les Paul Award Recipient Pete Townshend

Ron Fair and Slash with TEC Awards Hall of Famer Rose Mann-Cherney

Eric Burdon and David Pack

Host John Sebastian performing “I’m Satisfied”

Narada Michael Walden's show-stopping drum solo punctuated with "Pete Townshend, You RULE!"

l-r: TEC Foundation President and TEC Award Co-Producer Hillel Resner, Pete Townshend, TEC Foundation Director of Development Eric Geer, TEC Awards Co-Producer David Schwartz

Music Director Larry Batiste and Bassist Phil Chen!

Bree Kennedy and Julia Fordham

Pete Townshend with producer Martin Lewis and Les Paul Foundatoin’s Jeff Salmon

Melora Hardin getting an assist from Wedding Band co-star Harold Perrineau

Martin Lewis paying tribute to Pete Townshend

Laurence Juber performing “Wont Get Fooled Again”

Bree Kennedy performing “I Can’t Explain”

Sandy Macdonald with Meyer Sound’s award for the CAL Column Array

Presenters Nathaniel Kunkel and Orianthi

Presenters Niko Bolas and Csaba Petocz

Alan Veniscofsky accepting the award for TELEFUNKEN's Electroakustik M81

Sennheiser’s Greg Beebe picking up the award for the HD700 Headphones!
Avid’s Bobby Lombardi & Rich Holmes

Lucas van der Mer with Apogee Electronic’s award for Mic Preamp Technology

Larry Batiste, Phil Chen, Julia Fordham, Bree Kennedy

Singer/songwriter Sean Healen and guitarist Orianthi

Presenters Steven Slate and Ryan Hewitt

The stunning Suzanne Ciani announcing a win for Moog Music!
Universal Audio's Will Shanks and Dave Berners with the TEC Award for UA's Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-in
Line 6's Elliot Chenault holding the TEC Award for the POD HD Pro Guitar Processor/Amp Simulator

Harman Pro Group's VP of Strategy and Technology, Mark Ureda, Wolfgang "Schabbach" Neumann of Sirius Schalltechnik, Germany and Mark Gander, Marketing and Product Development, JBL/Harman Pro

Little Feat's Kenny Gradney and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
The fabulous Rosettes, featuring the P&E Wing's Maureen Droney, Candace Stewart of East West Studios, Paula Salvatore of Capitol Studios, Lisa Roy of Rock + Roy Entertainment and Karen Dunn of KMD Productions.

Shure’s Senior VP, Product Development & CTO Avi Vaidya and Senior Director of Global Product Management Scott Sullivan with the award for the Axient Wireless

Audio Team behind SCEA's Journey: Senior Director of Product Dev't Svc. Groups Dave Murrant, Music Supervisor Monty Mudd, Music Editor Ted Kocher and seated, Score Producer Keith Leary 

Grammy TV Advisory Committee member Leslie Ann Jones and Secretary-Treasurer of the Recording Academy Glenn Lorbecki celebrating a win for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards broadcast
Principal and Founder of nonzero\architecture, studio bau:ton Peter Grueneisen receiving the TEC Award for work on Dreamworks Animation Studios

Presenter Csaba Petocz with Capitol Studios' Paula Salvatore, Mastering Engineer Gavin Lurssen and David "Mr. Bonzai" Goggin

Rupert Neve took the stage to accept the TEC Award for the Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Mixer and got a standing ovation!

TEC Awards co-producer David Schwartz and Zoom’s John Lowry with the TEC Award for the H2n Handy Recorder

Ron Fair, Record Plant VP Jason Carson, Producer JD Andrew and Record Plant's Rick Stevens

Carole Anthony and Iridum Jazz Club's Ron Sturm with Les Paul Foundation's Jeff Salmon and Cindy Baker
Design FX Audio's Gary Ladinksy, Electronic Musician Editor-in-Chief Sarah Jones, Rose Mann-Cherney and Amy Burr, Studio Mgr. of Larabee Studios

Behringer/Midas’s Jay Easley surrounded by Merida Petersen and FOH Editor George Petersen