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27th Annual TEC Awards Photos

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Jeff Baxter, Larry Batiste, Orianthi
and Will Lee

Will Lee, Larry Batiste and the
2Cold ChiliBone TEC Band

Russ Paul and Billy Sheehan

Hillel Resner and Harmon’s
Michael MacDonald

Orianthi and Eddie Kramer

JoeCo’s Ted Bajas and Joe Bull

Eventide’s Allan Chaput, Russell Wedelich and Dan Gillespie

Universal Audio’s Erica McDaniel
and Meyer Sound’s Lee Moro

Jeff Baxter, Karen Dunn, Al Schmitt and Dave Angress

Avid’s Sheldon Radford, Bobby Lombardi and Adrian Haselhuber

Orianthi and Will Lee

Ray Benson, Al Schmitt
and Sam Benson

Royer Lab’s John Jennings

Meyer Sound’s Will Lewis

Bootsy Collins and Bernie Williams

Universal Audio team and Jeff Baxter

Steve Vai

Genelec’s Terho Svolainen
and Will Eggleston

Rob Senn, GRAMMY Foundation’s Kristen Madsen, Blade Studios’ Chris Bell, Phoenix Hart

Moog’s Mike Adams, Steve Dunnington, Cyril Vance

Focusrite Novation’s Phil Wagner and Phil Dudderidge, with Eddie Kramer and Dusty Wakeman

 TC Group America's Nigel Toates accepting for Lab Grupen
KamranV, Roey Hershkovitz, 
Lisa Loeb, Mr. Bonzai,
Vincent Van Haaff

NewBay Media’s Joe Perry, Joe Ferrick and John Pledger with Roland’s Paul Youngblood

JBL’s Mark Gander and Richard
Ruse, Paul Sandweiss, Harman’s Michael MacDonald

Orianthi, Hillel and Vici Resner

Jay Kaufman, Pianella Studios’ Marco Beltrami and John Kurlander, Neumann’s Jürgen Breitlow

Broadjam’s Mike Huberty and Roy Elkins with Sasha Sit and Wendy Staats

Spectrasonics’ Eric Persing

Tom Kenny, Eric Johnson, Howard Sherman, The Lorbeckies, Leslie Ann Jones, Sherri Tantleff

Billy Sheehan, Russ Paul
and Steve Vai

SSL’s Jim Motley and Sam Wetmore

Phil Collen and Lisa Loeb


Steve Vai, Jeff Baxter, Orianthi

Weird Al Yankovic

Spencer Nilsen, Suzanne Ciani
and David Schwartz

Shure’s Scott Sullivan
and Jeff Meunier